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Welcome to Vildmarksdagen

Together in the wilderness

Vildmarksdagen would like to say thank you for this year! 

We are tired and dirty but extremely happy for the support from our guests, activity coordinators, volunteers, sponsers and our partners after 6 wild days out in the wildnerness at Nors Sø.

We will be coming back next year, where it will be just as wild and exciting. We are looking forward to seeing you in the wilderness.  

If you want to follow us during our daily preparations then you can find us on facebook and instagram. 

Wild greetings, 

Henrik, Bo, Thea and Jessica.

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What is Vildmarksdagen?

Each Wednesday during the danish summer holidays will you and your family be able to experience the wilderness in Thy. We provide the tools, manpower, knowledge and craftmanship in the area between two of Denmark's cleanest lakes - Nors Sø and Vandet Sø. We set up, you come and participate either in slow motion or highspeed and then we will take it all down again when the day is over. We call it Vildmarksdagen - in english Wildernessday and it is full of experiences. There is something for everyone. Children, adults, women, men, girls, boys and last but not least grandparents.


We also want you to know that this event is created with sustainability in mind. When the day is over, no one will be able to see that we have been there. We want to make it easier for families to experiece and understand the national park. We want to create an attraction that is an alternative to what you would consider as a normal theme park. Here on the front page you will be able to dive deeper into the 6 different experience universes the Vildmarksdagen is built around.

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The next experiences in the wilderness

Vildmarksdagen takes place every Wednesday in the school holidays from 11 - 17.

Vildmarksdagen wants to encourage more families to go out and experience the fantastic nature around us. We can guarantee that it will be fun.

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Plan your visit

Vildmarksdagen is on nature's grounds - therefore it is always a good idea to bring clothes that suit the weather. A whole day in the wilderness it requires that you take precautions and know how to look after nature. You can read more in the practical info below.

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Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.