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Bushcraft gives hair on your chest and skills to survive in the wilderness.

Bushcraft is about crafts and surviving in the nature. Carsten and Carsten will give you tips and tricks on how to do this. You can find the Bushcraft universe by the 'go now night shelter' by the big camp area.handler om håndværk og om at overleve i naturen.  


Vildmarks-Jon took part in the tv program 'Alene i vildmarken' in 2016. He will just as equally share his experiences when he helps you to build a bivouac and a fire as well as bind the best knots. You can meet Vildmarks-Jon the 10/7 and the 17/7. See all the programmes here. 

Carving workshop with Carsten C.

Visit Carsten's carving workshop and make your own butter knife, spoon, peg hammer, pegs and wood flutes. Carsten will teach you to read the trees and use the tools to shape the wood just the way you want it. Some things take longer to make than others, so set aside a good amount of time if you want to make something really good. You can meet Carsten to Vildmarksdagen the 3/07, 24/07, and the 7/8. See all the programmes here. 


Tonny will equip you with the skills necessary to survive the wilderness. He will give you the skills and hints on how to build your own bivouac and build a fire. He might even have time to teach you to tie the best knots, so that the bivouac doesn't break. You can meet Tonny to Vildmarksdagen on the 3/7, 24/7, 31/7 and the 7/8. See all the programmes her. 

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Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.