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There is nothing like sleeping under the stars

When you visit Vildmarksdagen there is also the possibility to stay overnight in our Bushcraft area, also called 'Go now night shelters'. There is a outdoor toilet, a tap for water and a big group shelter but you can ofcouse bring and pitch your own tent. There is also a campfire place, so that you can make your dinner over the fire. 

During the daily programs at Vildmarksdagen there is the possibilty to participate in a course where you can learn to make your own hammock or shelter, which you can use to spend the night in.

Camping Deal:

Experience a night under the stars at the campground close to Vildmarksdagen. Bring your own tent or hammock. There is a hammock park and the possibility to set your own tent up.

Arrival is from 17:30 and the grounds shall be vacated before 10 oclock the next morning.

We provide:

  • Wilderness host
  • Wood for the campfire 
  • Toilets
  • Water 
  • Hygge - with campfire, marshmellows, cake and stories.

Bring your own meals and other sleeping gear. Be sure to bring the right type og clothes the are appropriate for sleeping the the wild nature.

Price: 100 kr. pr person.

The offer is for the following dates: 17., 24. and 31. july  and the 7. august 2019.

Registration deadline is every Tuesday before Vildmarksdagen. 

There are 50 places for camping each Wednesday.

For more comfort, visit VisitThys webpage
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Keep yourself automatically updated with the next experiences

We only send our newletters out when there is new and relevant knowledge, so that you have a little time to plan and look forward to experiencing Vildmarksdagen.

Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.