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Best guest guide

We have together with Sparkassen Thy, created a little guide, on how you as a guest can make a positive difference for the environment, climate and animal life. 

1: Before you participate

Fill the car up with people and minimise CO2 emissions. 

Hop on the bicycle or take the bus. See the bus plan here 

If you have a picnic basket with you or you are paricipting in wildfood activities, we recommend that you take your own cutlery and plates with you. If you do this and take it home with you to wash, then we can avoid disposable plastic.

2: Under Vildmarksdagen 

Never throw your rubbish in the nature - ensure that you put your rubbish in the rubbish bins. This also covers rubbish such as chewing gum and cigarette butts. 

Avoid taking dogs in the cattle fences. The cows will take the dogs as a predator and will protect themselves and their calves.

3: After Vildmarksdagen 

Stay on the marked routes. So you don't interrupt the animal and plant life.  

Keep your dogs on a short leash. Birds especially have a short escape radius, and we want to avoid them leaving their offspring. 

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Keep yourself automatically updated with the next experiences

We only send our newletters out when there is new and relevant knowledge, so that you have a little time to plan and look forward to experiencing Vildmarksdagen.

Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.