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Experience the wild nature up close 

Our Wildlife actors have a lot of knowledge about the wild Danish nature - especially that we have in Thy.


Photosafari is for both beginners and experienced. Oliver and Jacob will start by telling you about the cameras possibilities and the nature that you are in the middle of. They will tell you about what you could encounter when you ultimately go out, explore and tell nature's story. There is the possibility to win a set of experience books, if you participate with one of your photos in our daily competition. Please bring your own camera - mobile phones and fine. You can read more about photosafrai here You can meet Oliver and Jacob every Wednesday - see the other actors you can meet in our programmes.  


Get into the shrubbery and hunt after nature with David and Philip around Vandet Sø. Experience the wildlife that lives amongst the nature in the national park. You can meet David and Philip the 3/07, 10/07, 17/07 and 24/07 - See the actors you can meet in our programmes.  


Come as close as you can to some of the fish that live in the water in National park Thy. Hear Frederik talk about the fish and help him discover the internal part of the fish. Did you know that you can find the age of a fish just like you can tell the age of a tree? Come and fidn out the age of the fish with a little hot water and a microscope.
Frederik is a natureguide, a certified sports fishing guide and has Fishing Thyland, which you can read more about on Facebook and Instagram. You can meet Frederik every day to Vildmarksdagen.

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We only send our newletters out when there is new and relevant knowledge, so that you have a little time to plan and look forward to experiencing Vildmarksdagen.

Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.