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Woodfit offers challenging activities

Woodfit is a universe where you use your body, reflexes and where your precision will be challenged. You can play Robin Hood, a squirrel or maybe a quick fox? Our Woodfit partners are described underneath. 

Thy Bueskyttelaug (Archery Guild)

Come and join us on this year's coolest archery track where you will together with Thy's archers have to move around in the forest and target the 'wild animals' that are hiding in the wilderness.

You can read more about the archers on their website. You can try bow and arrow every vildmarks day. See more in each of the programmes.

Thy Race

Here you will get the chance to raise your pulse during our obstacle course - do you dare challenge your mum and dad? We guarantee you a down to earth and fun experience with lots of challenges. 

You can read more about Thy Race on their website. You can try the nature obstacle course every day. See more on the programmes.

Climber Morten

See the forest from new perspectives, experience air under your wings and feel the wind in your hair whilst you climb to the treetops with knowledgable guidance from Morten and his friend. Morten is really good at teaching people to climb both with and without equipment - in high and low trees. 

You can find Morten right here.
You can try tree climbing the 3/7, 10/7, 17/7, 31/7 og 7/8. See more on the programmes.

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Our great partners

We have listed some of our family members below. Without them Vildmarksdagen wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that they want to play with us out in the nature.